5 ways to customize your Discord profile

  • The Discord profile can be used in its simplest version, but we have many ways to customize it if we want it to be more suitable for the type of use we intend to give it.
  • We teach you some of the basic ways you can set up Discord

Discord is one of the most popular gaming chat room services on the internet, if not the most famous. But we can stay with the basic experience or, well, go a little further and make some changes. On the latter case, if you want to give a different look to your account and customize your Discord profileit is better that you continue reading because, below, you will discover some of the ways to adapt it to your tastes and preferences.

In fact, there are several of them tricks that will allow you to change the face of your account, and it will take a few seconds. By activating all of them, you will have the opportunity to enjoy this platform like never before, so it is really worth stopping by for the different tutorials if you spend a good part of your day connected to Discord servers.

Of course, this doesn't come at the expense of other changes that we also recommend for Discord profiles, such as enabling two-factor authentication, something essential to secure access to your user.

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The best ideas for customizing a Discord profile

Server username and nickname

When you first join Discord, you'll need to create a usernamewith the advantage that this it will not be definitivebut in the future you can change it as many times as you want.

To make this change, you need to click the Settings icon next to your name and profile picture, go to Settings, then Edit, User Settings, My Account, entering the new username.

Moreover, you can use a new nickname on any server you ownby navigating to it, clicking the down arrow on the top left of the service name, and clicking Change Nickname. Basically, this will determine what name other users see you by.


In the same menu that we mentioned above, you have the option to change the Discord profile avatar. Even Discord Nitro subscribers can post animated GIFs for their avatars, no longer just images.

Integrations from other accounts

You can link several accounts from websites and other services to your Discord account in minutes. Platforms such as Steam, Xbox, YouTube or Twitch accept instant synchronization with this tool.

Thus, you can live broadcast or show others the music you listen to while playing, via Spotify.

All of this, from User configuration, Connections, by clicking on the icon of each app.

customize discord profile 3

Discord interface

There are a few things you can customize in the Discord UI from Settings, Appearance. First of all, you can choose between light and dark themes or change the way you see messages.

There are also some nice accessibility featuressuch as font size and spacing between messages.

Of course, keep in mind that everything changes made to the user interface will be applied to all applications that are logged in towhether they are mobile, desktop or web.

Text and image settings

The last of the ways to customize your Discord profile has to do with setting up texts and images. Again from the Configuration, but in this case from Text and images, in fact.

You can choose whether to show your photos, videos and other items, whether links have a previous preview, view emoji reactions to messages, including animated emoji, and even configure notifications in general.

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