Beware of the trailer for "The Nun" circulating on YouTube

The release of a film is preceded by its trailer. Often there are several versions of the trailer, some teasers and many posters. You can watch the trailer of any video on YouTube and sometimes you can even see it as an ad for another video. Something similar is happening with the movie "The Nun". It is a horror film from the Insidious and Conjuring film series and it is sneaking up on unsuspecting users in the form of a scary advertisement. If you don't like horror movies or if you have heart disease, this is what you need to watch out for.

"The Nun" ad on YouTube is nothing like other ads. Average video ads on YouTube are no strangers. You will find them in exceptionally long videos. This is not a trailer. It's just the nun yelling at you. It's like those prank videos where you have to look closely at the screen to find something and someone/something jumps out at you.

"The Nun" Trailer

If you want to know what it's like, YouTube user wigstle made a video. The volume controls you see on startup are not volume controls for the device the trailer is being viewed on. They are part of the announcement.

This was originally shared by Twitter user @bbydvas, and other users chimed in to say that the volume control isn't the only indicator that the announcement is about to begin. Other users say you'll see a spinning beach ball, much like what you get on a Mac when something is processing, or you'll see the nun flutter in the corner.

You can follow the thread yourself. It goes without saying that this is a terrible and scary way to promote a movie. It's made worse by the fact that this is for a horror movie. Even if the marketing team decided to forget about people with health problems (which they shouldn't), a scare is the worst horror movie cliché there is. Using one to promote the movie is a bad idea, especially considering other movies in this franchise aren't half bad.

The ad can only appear in certain regions. The film will be released in September of this year, so hopefully this madness will end soon. The ad appears on both the YouTube website and YouTube apps.

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