Cambridge Analytica: Do you have information on my Facebook?

Wondering if Cambridge Analytica recovered your data today? Facebook offers a quick check that can help you figure out if this has happened. Here we will teach you the correct procedure so that you can do everything without any inconvenience. You have nothing to worry about as the step by step is very simple.


How do I know if Cambridge Analytica has my Facebook information?

Cambridge Analytic

Simply go to this page and you'll see a box labeled "Has my information been shared?", as shown above. My information, as you can see in the screenshot, has not been captured, but there is a tangible chance for each of us.


Cambridge Analytica obtained data from users who logged into a "fun" personality test called "This Is Your Digital Life". They also took things from friends of people who took that test. Which means your security habits alone couldn't have protected you.

There's not much you can do if Cambridge Analytica has this information. What's done is done. Worse, they were far from the only people doing it at the time. Most Facebook games and apps of the early 2010s had broad access to your information, as well as that of your friends. Even an intentionally empty game called Cow Clicker accidentally grabbed a bunch of data. This information was often stored on servers that were not under Facebook's control. Which means Facebook can't delete it even if they want to.

You can't change what happened in the past, but you can block your information right now. We advise you to check the permissions of your Facebook application and delete everything you are not using to prevent your personal data from circulating on the net.

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