Can I share my Disney plus account and profiles?

As is often the case with this type of service, in order to enjoy all the content it offers, we have to have an account created within the platform and this implies paying a monthly subscription for it, even if it is minimal. However, there are also alternatives that help us reduce costs in this regard, such as the possibility of sharing my Disney + account.

Below we will give all the details about this chance and the issues that must be taken into account.

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Can I share my Disney+ account?

As we mentioned previously, the first step of all is to know how to create a Disney + account, and from that we can start with different possibilities such as generating different profiles. In principle, it should be mentioned that this is possible since different profiles can be generated in the same account, and everyone can use the platform, taking into account some caveats. Unlike Netflix that allows 5 profiles per account, in Disney + we have the possibility of generating 7 different profiles for each one. In other words, we can share our account with up to 6 acquaintances, friends, partner or family members and thus lower the cost of the subscription.

An important clarification in this regard is that each profile has its own configuration and its own sections, that is, what we see in ours will not affect others, nor will they be able to find out about the content we are reproducing. Different types of profiles can be generated, since there is the adult profile and the child profile. The latter is designed for children since the content they have available is special for minors and, in addition, the possibility of seeing certain products for adults is restricted.

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How many devices can simultaneously stream a single Disney+ account?

This is a very common question that users ask themselves and it is very valid, since many in turn think that by having 7 profiles created within the same subscription, everyone can play the content at the same time. The reality is that the platform only allows 4 simultaneous broadcasts per account . Another important clarification in this regard is that this does not depend on the profiles, since if the same profile is viewing on two devices at the same time, there will only be room for two more at that time.

A good possibility that can help us solve this "problem" is to download content, something that is much simpler and means that we do not depend on the account to be able to enjoy it. It also has some restrictions, although they are very insignificant, since content can be downloaded through 10 different devices at the same time .

How Does Disney Plus Sharing Work?

As we have mentioned before, the way in which we can share our account is to create different profiles within the same subscription. That is why in this tutorial we are going to explain how to create more Disney Plus profiles in the same account , so that all those interested can acquire the knowledge and have the possibility of lowering the subscription costs.

Step 1: Sign in to your Disney+ account

Although it seems obvious, we must mention that in the first instance we have to be within the subscription that we have already created, since everything is done from within the session. This can be carried out both from the  Disney Plus website using the browser, or also from the mobile application (the process is exactly the same). When we are on the website or in the application, all we have to do is touch the Login button and then enter the information requested for the login ( email and password).

Step 2: Tap on our profile picture

After having started the session we can see all the content that we have available, differentiated between sections that are also configurable. In this instance we must go to the button of our and press it. This is our profile picture , which is located in the lower right corner of the screen, as can be seen in the following image.

Step 3: Tap on Add Profiles

Once we are inside our profile, we have a very large option that is visible in the foreground: Edit profiles . It is the gray button that is below the photos and names of all the profiles that are generated. That is where we can click if we want to edit any of the ones that are already created.

However, the most common case is going to be to add some more to be able to share the subscription, and in that case we have to go through the button that says Add profile, which is located at the bottom right. In this way we will proceed to create a new one and we will be closer to fulfilling the objective.

Step 4: Choose the icon

The creation of the profile is very simple, and the first step we have after having touched the Add profile button is to choose the icon that will represent us. We have different alternatives such as the featured ones, those of Disney, those of Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, among others. In this way, our profile or that of the person with whom we share it can be represented by Mickey Mouse, Captain America, Prince Charming, among many others.

It should be clarified that this is not a mandatory step since we have the Skip option available located at the top right, so it is not an essential condition that we place an icon.

Step 5: Set name and type

The last screen that appears before making the creation of the profile effective contains two very important configurations that we have to finish. The first is the Profile Name , which must be typed and has no restrictions. That is why we can put the name of the person, add a number, a nickname or whatever comes to mind to differentiate it from the others.

Then we must choose the type of profile that we are going to configure. Here we have two options:  child or adult . By default it is configured to be for adults, but if we want to make a children's interface that only has content suitable for children and restricts that which is for adults, we can enable that option by dragging the white circle to the right.

When we have these two variables ready, we only have to click on the Save button , located in the upper right part of the screen. In this way we will have configured the new profile and that person will be able to access it simply with the access data of the same account (username and password).

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