How to make the diameter symbol (Ø, ø) with the keyboard

Knowing how to write the diameter symbol with the keyboard is very helpful when you need to translate it, for example, in a mathematical problem. This symbol, whose appearance is that of a crossed out capital letter "O" (Ø, ø), is widely used in the field of geometry to indicate the distance between two points on the same circumference.

If you need to know how you can represent it on the keyboard, don't miss the following tutorial. Likewise, if you have doubts about how to write other signs or symbols, don't forget to review our articles on the ampersand, the at sign, the caudana letter, the degree symbol, among others.

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What is the origin of the diameter symbol (Ø, ø)?

The origin of this symbol, represented by a circle crossed by a slash, is not entirely clear. Some scholars attribute it to the fusion of the letters "o" and "e"; others postulate that it is due to the union of the letters “o” and “i”.

What is the use of the diameter symbol (Ø, ø)?

The diameter symbol can be found in different contexts. The most common uses are in the following cases:

  • It replaces the word "diameter", for which use is made of this symbol.
  • It is used in the field of mathematics to  differentiate the capital letter "O" from the zero "0".
  • In musical scores it is used to mark specific details of the composition.
  • In mathematics and logic it serves as  a representation of an empty set.
  • It represents a single vowel in different Scandinavian languages ​​such as modern Norwegian, Faroese or Danish.
  • In ancient Rome it was a widely used symbol to indicate the name of the gladiator who had died in combat.
  • In the photograph it is the symbol used to indicate a size in millimeters.
  • In linguistics it serves to mark an elliptical or tacit subject.

How to write the diameter symbol in Word

How to make the diameter symbol (Ø, ø) with the keyboard - How to write the diameter symbol in Word

Microsoft Word has a feature that will allow you to insert this symbol whenever you need it. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Activate the “Insert” tab from the top bar of Word.
  2. On the right side, at the bottom, is the “Symbol” button just below “Equation”.
  3. Click on the “More Symbols” option. A window will appear.
  4. Find and select the diameter symbol and then press the “Insert” button.

How to Type the Diameter Symbol on a Windows Keyboard

If you have a Windows keyboard, the method to make the diameter symbol is as follows:

  • "ALT + 0248" to write the diameter symbol in lower case (ø).
  • “ALT + 0216” to write the diameter symbol in uppercase (Ø).

Don't forget to hold down the "ALT" key until you finish typing all the numbers. When finished, release this key and the diameter symbol will appear.

How to type the diameter symbol on Mac

If you have a Mac keyboard, the command to type the diameter symbol is as follows:

  • Alt + O

Select the uppercase or lowercase option first so that it appears in one way or another.

Following these simple steps you will be able to write it comfortably in any file or work that you need. In addition, thanks to the combination of commands you will be able to insert others such as the copyright symbol or the at symbol.

Other ways to write the diameter symbol

If none of the above procedures convinced you, fortunately there are other methods to put this symbol. Next, we will mention a few:

  • Copy and paste : From this or other websites you can use the option to copy and then paste the symbol (Ø, ø) in the text you want.
  • Character map : In Windows you have the possibility to use the character map and copy the symbol from that place. Just open the "Start" menu and search for "charmap.exe" or "Character Map" (without the quotes). Then, in the opened window, find the diameter symbol (it is located near the bottom of the grid), double-click on it and copy it.

Frequently asked questions about the Diameter Symbol

What is the diameter symbol (Ø) used for in mathematics?

In engineering and other technical areas related to mathematics, the diameter symbol, but capitalized (Ø), is used to represent the empty set.

What is the diameter symbol (Ø) used for in linguistics?

In English it is used to indicate the tacit subject. The symbol (ø) is also used in the International Phonetic Alphabet to indicate the Danish and Norwegian letter sound.

What is the diameter symbol (Ø) used for in photography?

This symbol is used to refer to the diameter of the camera lens in millimeters. This measure is very important, for example, when purchasing accessories such as covers, sun visors or filters.

How to write the diameter symbol (Ø) in Linux?

To write the diameter symbol in lowercase (ø) hold down “ALT + Shift + U” and press the “F” and “8” keys. For the uppercase symbol (Ø) press “ALT + Shift + U” and then press the “D” and “8” keys.

How to write the diameter symbol (Ø) on an Android mobile?

Start by opening your keyboard, then locate the letter “o” and hold it down. You will get several alternatives, one of them is the diameter symbol. Select it and voila.

The diameter symbol is used in different contexts and to type it on the keyboard you have different ways. The ways to represent it on Windows or Mac are simple. It's just a matter of using the "Alt" key and some number combinations. You can even use the character map or the classic method of copying and pasting from any web page.

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