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The mere idea of ​​downloading Youtube videos to your computer will spin in your head at least a couple of times a week. After all, you probably want to enjoy your favorite content, even offline, but remember it too late, when you can't do anything about it anymore. Therefore, to avoid this unpleasant problem, let's see how Download videos From Youtube with Internet download manager.


As we said, there are thousands of users who, every day, wonder if there is the possibility of downloading their favorite videos to their PC, to enjoy them later without requiring a WiFi connection. If this is your case, first of all we anticipate that this procedure is perfectly possible even if, in most cases, you will depend on software developed by third parties, which will simplify things a little for you.

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Download from YouTube with Internet Download Manager, a great solution still in place

As we anticipated well in the previous title, Internet Download Manager or IDM, as it is also known, is the preferred application of a good percentage of people who want to manage downloads on their computers with the Windows operating system. The reasons for this choice are obvious: it's easy to use, it has incredible potential and almost nothing can compare when it comes to downloading videos and media published on the web.

However, for some time now, we have been receiving some comments that, at certain times, it is impossible to download YouTube videos with IDM, which worries us a lot, since a key tool may be missing, one that works well, no problem.

Luckily, we ran some tests, including ruling out the bug from recurring with other video hosting portals, to conclude that there is a fix. And easier than expected. Basically, we need to install the official IDM extension in your daily browser. And nothing more.

The advantage, no doubt, is that this extension can be added to all major browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.


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How to take advantage of the Internet Download Manager then?

First, of course, what we need is the extension link. THE IDM official download page can help us out, mostly because it includes links to extensions, which is what we need. Eventually, you can also get the extensions for your browser from their stores.

So there's reason to be happy: Most Chromium-based browsers, like Vivaldi or Brave, also support installing Chrome extensions, and you can also use Google Chrome's version of the Integration Module Manager.

After downloading and installing the Internet Download Manager extension, all you have to do to download a video is follow the steps that we express below:

  • Log in to Youtube and play the video you want to download
  • You should see the IDM button on the page. If not, reload it.
  • At this point the IDM button should be visible, and you can analyze the different qualities available
  • Choose the selected directory for download. Default, Settings, Download
  • Wait for the download to complete and use the video as you wish

Of course, there are other alternatives when it comes to downloading YouTube videos. After all, some people aren't looking for a download manager just to download YouTube videos, and it's perfectly respectable.

Were you able to download YouTube videos with Internet Download Manager?

Didn't like this show? For many, SnapTube is the easiest way to download YouTube videos.

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