How to block spam in Google Drive

Not only can it be annoying when spammers share any kind of useless document with us, it can also be dangerous because they can be malicious files. That's why the ideal is to learn how to block spam on google drive.

The big problem is that they can also turn our cloud storage into a mess. When someone shares a document with our account, it will appear under "Shared with me". From this section, we will also be able to do it block the person that you have sent us the unwanted content, the spam content.

Unfortunately, spam content is something that happens every day, all of us who use the internet on a daily basis have to deal with junk messages or files of all kinds on different occasions throughout the day. Fortunately, Google Drive gives us the ability to block certain people from sending too much junk content.

Something very important to keep in mind is that this process can only be done from a Windows, Linux or Mac computer. The feature is available from a web browser and not from the mobile application.

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Block spam in Google Drive

First we will have to open the web browser and we will have to insert the file website from Google Drive. After logging in with our account we will have to click on the "Shared with me" tab located in the left sidebar of the screen.

Select the content.

Next, we'll need to find the spam document or file that was sent to you. We will right-click on said file to open the options menu.

Block a person on Google Drive.

When the options menu opens, we will find an option that says "Block [email protected]”And click on it.

Confirm block.

A small pop-up window will appear asking us to confirm the action, simply click "Block" again.

Once you've blocked someone on Google Drive, they won't be able to share anything with us in the future. Any files that the person has shared with us will also be deleted. Also we can manage the people we have blocked from the block list in your Google account.

And that's basically all we need to do to be able to block a person on Google Drive. It is a fairly simple function, but undoubtedly necessary and useful.

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