How to fix Microsoft Teams won't open or load

Suddenly we find it Microsoft Teams does not open What can we do? How can we solve? It is not at all difficult to fix that Teams don't open or load. We will see how to find the solution in the following article.

Check that the server is active

Occasionally, the Microsoft Teams server itself may be down. So, before we continue to try the rest of the methods to try to fix this problem, we should check if it really is a problem with us or with Microsoft's servers.

If the server is down, all we have to do is just wait for the company to fix it, it usually doesn't happen and when it does, it doesn't last too long offline.

Sign out and sign in again

We will start with the simple solutions that often work. Similarly, restarting the computer can help us solve some problems. Logging out and back in can help us resolve this boot or load issue.

Use Microsoft Teams on another platform.

Teams is available on both Windows and mobile devices and from the same browser. So if it doesn't load on our PC, we can try the version of the browser or mobile devices.

In case it works from our mobile device, but not from our computer. We'll need to make sure our antivirus and firewall settings aren't causing problems with Teams.

To check this, we will temporarily disable our computer's antivirus and firewall. Let's go into Teams and check if it works. If it works, then obviously we have a problem with these programs.

Clear Teams cache files on Windows

In the same way that on many occasions it helps us to solve various problems in web browsers and mobile devices. Clearing Teams cache on Windows could be the solution to our problem. The topic is Where are the Teams files stored?

For this we will press "Start" and then we will write "Run", we give "Enter" and a small window opens. Here we will have to write "% AppData%" without the quotes. A new Windows Explorer window opens and we will go to Roaming> Microsoft> Teams.

Then we enter the "Application Cache" folder and proceed with the elimination of all its contents. We will need to do the same for the following folders: blob_storage, Cache, databases, GPUCache, IndexedDB, Local Storage and tmp.

Clear the Teams cache on Android

Doing this on Android is also very simple. We will simply have to go to Settings> Applications or Application manager depending on the device we are using.

We will have to search for Teams in the application list and click on it. It directs us to a new page where we will have to press "Storage". Here we will have to press on the "Clear data" and "Clear cache" button.

So we will have to log into Microsoft Teams again, but the problem opens solved.

Delete and reinstall Teams

We are coming to slightly more extreme solutions. But uninstalling Microsoft Teams and reinstalling it might be the best way to fix the problem. We will simply go to the control panel of our computer and from there we will choose to uninstall the programs. So let's search for Teams and proceed with the uninstall.

Next, we restart the computer and then we will have to download Microsoft Teams again from the official website, proceed with the installation as usual and log in.

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