How to hide or delete a Tinder account

All of us who have dabbled in online dating have used Tinder at some point. This app caught on quickly, surpassing Badoo and other alternatives in a very short time. It is quite an effective app for meeting people and forming a couple. However, once we've managed to find our better half, we can hide or delete a Tinder account? Yes and it's quite easy.

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Temporarily hide an account

It's easy enough to hide a Tinder account from the Discovery section to avoid potential conflicts. In this way our account will remain active in case we want to use it again, but in the meantime it will not appear.

This can be useful in many occasions, let's imagine we meet someone, they tell their friends and one of them sees us on Tinder; we'd be pretty bad, right? This can be avoided.

The first thing we will do is launch the Tinder application and click on our profile icon in the upper left part in iOS or in the lower right part in the case of Android.

On our profile page, we will have to press Settings. Here we go to the Discovery section and we will deactivate Show me on Tinder by swiping the button to the left.

Our profile will remain visible to anyone we have already started a conversation with, we will also receive messages as normal. We just won't appear for other accounts that didn't previously see us.

Delete a Tinder account

If we are absolutely sure that we will no longer use the application. We can delete it completely, which will delete all matches and conversations.

Delete Tinder account.

For this we launch Tinder and go to our profile icon, click on Settings and then go to the bottom to Delete account. The next thing will be to confirm that we want to delete our account for the second time.

Another thing to keep in mind is that deleting an account does not automatically remove your subscription. If we are currently subscribed to a premium plan, we will have to go to the place where we subscribed (Apple ID or Play Store) and proceed with the cancellation.

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