How to prevent your PS4 from booting in safe mode?

  • Sony's PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Slim or PlayStation 4 Pro have a Safe Mode, which was developed by the Japanese company to address some software-related issues
  • The downside is that, sometimes, we don't know how we got into that safe mode, nor how to get out of it, so the only option left is to review possible errors, to get rid of them.

On a few occasions in the past we have talked about the so-called Safe Mode of the PlayStation 4. As you probably already know, the penultimate console from Sony has a system that protects it from problems. This can be very useful in some circumstances, though it can also complicate our lives if it is irreversible. So how can we stop a PS4 from booting into Safe Mode if we want it to stop?

Well, just as there are several reasons or reasons why a PlayStation 4 can enter Safe Mode, we can force her to leave him only if we can repair the conflict that forces her to protect herself.

Apart from this, if you have a PS5, the same tips we give here for the PS4 can be very helpful. That is, you can repeat the same procedures, so do not hesitate to try your luck with them to solve it.

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What to do if your PS4 only turns on in safe mode?

Restart the PS4

The first thing you should try, of course, is restarting your PS4 it might be all you need. Many times, on reboot, it already starts normally. In other situations, you will have to keep trying your luck.

Unplug the console

Unplugging the console is a bit more extreme then if rebooting does nothing, disconnecting it is what it's up to. You need to turn it off using the power button or menu option to avoid "PlayStation didn't shut down properly", that annoying message that things weren't done correctly.

Dust off your PlayStation 4 console

The accumulation of dust and dirt will cause system errors on the console if you let it accumulate unattended. Can go from some stammering or interruptions, preventing even execution.

You can purchase a dust cover for this if you still have it in good condition and this will help protect it.

If it's already too dusty, compressed air can be applied at a safe distance from the holes. It's also a good idea to keep it upright, to prevent moisture from building up inside.

A microfiber cloth is a good option for external cleaning, and if it gets dirty, you should clean it, waiting for it to dry before wiping the console. If you pass it still wet, you may scratch the surface.

After the entire cleaning process is complete, you need to turn it back on to see if it's enough.

Check your HDMI cables

If you have more than one HDMI cable at home, you can replace one with another, to see if the problem is in it. Over time these cables can fail. And bad imitations aren't good either.

Rebuild the database

Rebuilding the PlayStation 4 database isn't exactly easy, but luckily we've got it covered. At this point, we recommend that you take a look at the article on how to rebuild the database on PS4.

Check the power cables

If rebuilding the database also doesn't seem like the solution you were looking for, you can continue. We could tell The next step is to check the power cables, if you haven't already..

You need to remove the power cables one by one and replace them, turning the console back on.

Update the system firmware

Failure to install new update files on your PS4 can cause a console attack. Fortunately, the Safe Mode menu has an option to update the system directly via a USB drive.. You need to do the following to effectively complete an update like this:

  • Create a PS4 folder on your computer and then inside another one called UPDATE
  • Download the PS4UPDATE.PUP file from the Sony page from this linkupdating
  • Once transferred, connect the USB drive containing the system reinstall file to the console
  • Boot the console into safe mode, hold down the power button and release it after the second beep
  • Select option 7, Reinstall system software, from Safe Mode
  • Go to Update from USB Device and Update
ps4 safe mode 3

Of course, you need to be aware of this procedure it will erase all previous data and settings. Unfortunately, in some circumstances there may be no choice but to move forward, despite this.

Basically, when rebooting after this reinstall, will return to its original state, the "just outside the box".

Send your console for repair

The current warranty for a PlayStation 4 console may cover the repair or replacement of certain parts of the console. You can take it to its professionals or official services, so that they examine it and fix what needs to be repaired. Also, you can ask them to do this transfer all your data so you don't lose it in the process.

End the cycle in safe mode

If your PlayStation 4 does not start up normally, will start in an alternate mode, the aforementioned Safe Mode. Really, the only problem is that many of the essential functions are cut off of this machine.

On the other hand, we only have as an exit to try to get rid of those failures or mistakes that explain the measure. Until we do this, the console will continue to boot in safe mode, convinced that this is the best.

Finally, if liquid has been spilled on the console, it could the problem has reached the hardware. In those cases, it is convenient that you do not put your hand, but contact Sony to see the steps to follow.

Since the PS4 will continue to work, even after PSN's death, it makes sense to invest to fix it. Another alternative is, of course, to forget about it and switch to a PlayStation 5, with the improvements that this brings.

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