How to recover gmail account if i don't have access

Obviously losing access to an account from Google can be a completely negative experience, especially if you have everything connected to it: files in Drive, Android, Chrome, YouTube, etc. Because we know how frustrating it can be, we set out to create this one tutorial guide to learn how to recover a Gmail account if we do not have access.

The only thing we can say is that it is better to be prepared in advance, this way we make sure that whatever happens, we never lose our account. However, we will see all the methods we have to recover a Gmail account.

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Create a backup frequently

Before we talk about how to recover Gmail account in detail, we are compelled to advise you to take a backup to avoid losing important data in case the account can never be recovered. Google allows us to download all data from Takeout.

Keep track of the old password

One of the ways in which Google verifies our identity if we lose our password, asks us to enter the old password. Of course, if it's been too long since we last changed our password, it can be hard to remember what it was. So a good idea is to keep a password log.

For this we can use a password manager to be able to backup all the current and old passwords.

Provide Google with all recovery information in advance

A good idea is to provide Google with your recovery information in advance. This way, this way, if we ever need to verify our identity, we can do it quickly and easily.

  • The first thing we should do is go to the google settings page and we will click on "Security" in the left sidebar.
  • On this new page, we will have to scroll down and we will see a section that says "Methods for verifying your identity".
  • Here we will see if we have configured the recovery phone number or the recovery email address.
  • In case you haven't completed any of these steps, it would be best to do so.

Set up a recovery email account

An account of recovery email, it can be another Gmail account. It could be an alternative account or a friend or relative we trust very much.

  • For this we will go to the "Methods to verify your identity" section from the "Security" option and click on "Recovery email".
  • We must write the email address that we have chosen for recovery and we will click on "Verify".
  • Google will then send a six-digit verification code to the email address we entered. We will have to go to this email, copy the code and paste it into the recovery page.

How to set up a recovery phone number

Again we will have to go to the "Methods to verify your identity" option in the "Security" section and click on "Phone recovery".

Recovery phone number.

We will have to enter the phone number in the pop-up box and Google will send us a text or SMS message with a verification code that we will have to enter on the page.

How to recover my gmail account password if I don't have access

What if we lose the password and cannot enter in any way? We can use the page gmail recovery and answer a few questions.

The problem is that the options are a bit limited. We got to try this method on a test account and were asked for things like last password, alternate email and phone verification code, answer to security question.

When we comment that we have none of these or only some of them, it sends us a message telling us we should try again. Not the best way to recover a Gmail account. Even if we enter all the data requested by Google bots, it may not be enough.

What can we do? If you have already lost access to your account, it is very likely that nothing. However, it is best to be cautious and enable all possible ways to recover your account in case this happens as mentioned above.

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