How to share folders, files and documents on Google Drive

it's easy enough share folders, files AND documents In Google Drive. Obviously, one of the most popular cloud storage services has interesting options for sharing any type of document or folder. In this article, we'll learn how to get and, if necessary, stop sharing a document in Drive.


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Share folders, files and documents in Google Drive

With the cloud storage service, we can directly share the folders or documents in Drive using only the email address. We can also do it via an invite link and share it on any website. The process for sharing a document or folder containing multiple files is the same.

Beginner's guide to quickly learn how to share folders or documents in Google Drive

By default, all the documents we have in Google Drive are private, no one can access them. However, every time we view one we will have the option to share it by clicking on the button that says "Share" in the upper right corner of the screen.

Share files.

From the same File Explorer interface, we can share the files we want. For this we will have to right click on the one we want to share and simply select the "Share" option.

Once this is clarified, let's move on to the menu that will appear when we select the "Share" option. It will be divided into two parts. If we want to add a specific person, we can add the email address at the top of this window.

Add people or groups.

In the box that says "Add people or groups" we will have to search for a person that we have as a contact or directly add his email address.

In this option we can add up to 100 people. Then we will have a drop-down menu where we can choose how many permissions we give to the file in question and the options are:

  • Editor: you will be able to view, comment and edit the entire document in question. Ideal for sharing with trusted people or co-workers.
  • Commenter: The person can view content and add comments, but cannot edit the file.
  • Viewer: The person will be able to view the content, but will not be able to edit it or leave comments.

We will have to make sure that the "Notify people" option is enabled. In this way they will receive an email that will notify them of the shared document.

If we wish, we can add a comment or a personal note. Once we have everything ready, the only thing left to do is simply hit the "Send" button to send the invite.

Another alternative that we have is the possibility of share documents with anyone on the web without even knowing their email address. For this we will have to look for the "Get Link" option which is located just below the one we discussed above.


Pass it on to anyone with the link.

We will have to click on "Change to anyone with the link".

We change the role of each invited user.

When we do this, new options will appear to be able to choose the level of access that all people who access through said link will have. By default, they will only be able to view the document, they will not be able to edit or leave comments.

However, from the drop-down menu on the right side we can change it to "Editor" or "Commentator".

We copy the link and share it on the web.  In this way we can share folders and documents in Google Drive

Once we have everything ready, we will have to click on the button that says "Copy link" which is located just to the right of the file link. That link is what we should share on the web so that other people can access the document.

Stop sharing a document or file in Google Drive

On some occasions we would like to stop sharing different files. Just as we have two options to share it, we can also stop it and it is very easy to get it.

Right click and share the file.

The first thing we have to do is click on the "Share" button on the toolbar of the document in question. Then we will right click on the Google Drive file and we will have to choose "Share".

Remove file sharing permissions.

Here we will be able to view all the users who have access to this document. All we have to do is click on the drop-down menu that is on the right side of each one and choose "Remove" or "Delete" in this way we will be able to delete the user and he will no longer have access to the document or folder.

Restricted mode.

In case you were sharing the link and we want to disable it. We will simply have to click on "Share" in the document and look for the "Get link" option at the bottom. Next, we'll click the drop-down menu that says "Anyone with a link" and change it to "Limited."

In this way we can stop sharing a Drive document.

From now on, no one will be able to access the document. You will not be able to view, edit or comment on it. When we are done with the changes, we simply click "Finish".

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