How to turn off happy new animations in Outlook

Microsoft has recently added some "happy" animations to the Outlook application. These show a shower of brightness whenever Outlook detects various words expressing joy; like the classic "Auguri" or "Happy Birthday". Therefore, here we will explain how to disable them.


First of all this change is mostly aesthetic, we say it in case you don't like glitter or something "cheerful" in your computer. Because of this, if you're using email for your work or even your personal email, let's just say "happy glow" isn't going well.

This could be used to send emails to your loved ones on special occasions; but not at work, or if you plan to email a business, company, or business. As well as a particular person you don't know.

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How do these animations appear in Outlook?


These "cheerful animations" appear when a received email message is viewed in the Outlook Web App Reading Pane. Words considered "happy" are highlighted, and as you move the mouse over them, a shower of glitter and other colors, which sway up and down like primary-colored fireworks blown away by the wind.

You can take note: These animations are only available in the modern version of the Outlook Web App. If you're still using the classic version, you won't see them.

Though they may seem subtle, graceful and pleasing to the eye at first; in time they will no longer be. And we reiterate that they won't be so much because of the use you're giving your email. If it's for serious things like work, then this aesthetic resource (because it's nothing else) is superfluous.


For that reason, here's how to disable these things so they no longer show up in your email in any form.

Steps to remove animations

First of all, click on the Settings gear and then click on "View all Outlook settings". Navigate to the "Email" settings and then click "Compose & Reply".

On the right side, scroll down, uncheck the "Show happy animations in reading pane" checkbox, then click Save.

You will no longer see the cheerful animations


And this is all! You will no longer see glitter or highlighted words when you receive an email with a "happy" word in the email content. It should be noted that this option will always be the default, so you will have to do it manually in your Outlook account.

If your company works with many of these accounts, you will need to follow the steps in this guide so that the cheerful animations, brightness and all those things are turned off once and for all. In this way, the seriousness with which you send your emails will return to normal and you can send them calmly as before.

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