Is a Google Analytics Premium Account worth it?

Website operators use Google Analytics to analyze the behavior of website visitors. In addition to the basic version, Google offers the premium version with an extended range of functions. What are the differences and who benefits from a Google Analytics Premium Account?

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The advantages of Google Analytics Premium: more data & flexibility

Google Analytics is free in the standard version, the premium offer scores with extensive support, higher upper limits for data processing and more options for user-defined analysis.

Advantage: 24/7 support

The extensive support for implementation and evaluation by Google experts is one of the main advantages of the premium version. Users of the standard version can get information in user forums or get support from certified partners. Table 1 shows the support benefits of Google Analytics Premium.

support Google Analytics standard Google Analytics Premium
24/7 support no Yes
account management no Yes
Expert help with implementation no Yes
Training from Google experts no Yes
Google Analytics Self Help (Forum) Yes no
Support from certified partners Yes Yes

Advantage: higher upper limits of data processing

Do you run a high-traffic website with more than 10 million monthly hits? Then the premium account is the right choice for you - up to 1 billion hits are processed with it per month. You need this additional information for meaningful analyzes of user behavior. In addition, premium customers can react more quickly: the data is up-to-date for four hours – with the standard version it is 24 hours. Table 2 summarizes the differences in data processing.

Data Processing Limits Google Analytics standard Google Analytics Premium
Hits processed monthly 10 million 1 billion
Data rows in reports 50,000 Up to 3 million
Accurate reports without sampling no Yes
data freshness 24 hours 4 hours

No differences in advertising and multi-channel

The evaluation of advertising campaigns and multi-channel reports is one of the important functions of Google Analytics. These functions are already available in the free basic version – AdWords integration is also included. Table 3 shows the functions.

Multi-Channel & Advertising Google Analytics standard Google Analytics Premium
attribution models Yes Yes
campaign evaluation Yes Yes
AdWords integration Yes Yes
Multi-Channel Reports Yes Yes

Extensive analysis tools in the standard version

The correct analysis of the collected data decides on suitable website optimization measures. The premium version of Google Analytics not only collects a lot more data, you can also define 50 instead of 5 user-defined variables for individual evaluations. Table 4 summarizes the functionality of the analysis tools.

Analysis Tools Google Analytics standard Google Analytics Premium
Number of user-defined variables 5 50
Advanced segmentation Yes Yes
Custom reports Yes Yes
Analytics Radar Yes Yes
Visualize visitor flow Yes Yes
real-time data Yes Yes

Social Networking, Mobile, Video, Customization and Service Level Agreements

Even the standard version integrates reports on the influence of social networks on visitor numbers. You can also get performance reports on published videos. A data export is possible with both versions, the reports can be sent by e-mail. Another important difference and advantage of the premium version over the standard variant is the service level agreements and guarantees. The data for the premium subscription is a maximum of four hours old, so website operators can react faster. Table 5 provides further similarities and differences between the two versions of Google Analytics.

Social networks, mobile devices & videos Google Analytics standard Google Analytics Premium
Reports on social referrals and conversions Yes Yes
Mobile device and app tracking Yes Yes
Video performance data and reports Yes Yes
Customization & Integration Google Analytics standard Google Analytics Premium
Data export and tracking API Yes Yes
Custom reports Yes Yes
Share Reports & Collaborate Google Analytics standard Google Analytics Premium
Fast setup with intuitive user interface Yes Yes
dashboards Yes Yes
Reporting function (email & export) Yes Yes
Service Level Agreements & Guarantees
timeliness 24 hours and longer Maximum 4 hours 98% of the time
capture no 99.9%
Service Level Guarantees no Yes
reporting no 99%

The Google Analytics Premium Account: more and more up-to-date data with better support

The Google Analytics Premium Account is aimed at operators of heavily frequented websites and at all those who would like to benefit from better support from Google experts.

The advantages:

  • higher data limits
  • more extensive import functions with integration of the double-click monitor and image manager
  • more recent data
  • better customer support

Large companies in particular benefit from the ability to create summary reports from multiple sources. The data from several websites can be conveniently combined in this way.

The disadvantages:

The main disadvantage of a Google Analytics Premium Account is the cost, because a Google Analytics Premium Account costs more than 100,000 euros per year. That has to count first. Therefore, only companies that achieve annual online sales of at least 1,000,000 euros are eligible as customers.

More information about the Google Analytics Premium Account

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