+100 Kahoot Game Pins - How to Get a Kahoot Game PIN

One of the great attractions of the Kahoot platform is that it can turn your classes into a kind of contest, in which you can create gamified tests or quizzes that will allow your students to learn and evaluate themselves in an entertaining and enjoyable way.

One of the main advantages of creating a good kahoot from scratch is that the teacher will be able to include the questions that are consistent with the classes he has given to the group of your students.

The quizzes can be made from the books and/or mathematical challenges that are contained in the educational materials used in the school year.

In other words, it will not use the questions and answers that have been formulated by other users or teachers, but it will create a completely personalized questionnaire.

The process to create the test on the platform is not complicated, much less computer knowledge is required. Next, we are going to explain step by step how you can create a free account so that you can gamify the classroom of any subject.

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Sign up for Kahoot

  1. The first step is to enter the official Kahoot platform and click on this link
  2. Follow each of the steps indicated by the platform.
  3. Once you have activated the account, confirming via email and entering your access data to the platform, click on the “Create Kahoot” option.

Create Kahoot Challenge: the Quiz

    1. Several alternatives will appear, choose the one that best suits you, in our case we are going to click on “New Kahoot”.
    2. In the next step you must complete each of the boxes that appear on your screen, such as title, description, language, target audience, etc.
    3. Once you fill in each of the fields, click on the “Done” or “Continue” button.
    4. With the steps explained above, we have already created the Kahoot but it does not have questions, so we will proceed now is to add the questions.
    5. Click on the button located on the left side “Add question” and choose the type of questionnaire you want to do.
    6. A blank screen will appear, which you must complete each of the boxes that appear in the following image:
    1. Question: Enter the type of question students must answer.
  1. Maximum time: the platform indicates 20 seconds as the maximum time to respond.
  2. Answers: you must indicate between 2 or 4 answers and select which ones are correct with the “tick” option.
  3. Extra points to give credit: it is an incentive for the students, in case you want to expand the answer of the question.
  4. Media: You can add an image or video.

When you have completed the data, the screen should look like this:

  1. Finally click on the “Next” button and the question will be immediately added to your Kahoot

Recommendations and Tricks when Creating a Kahoot to Play with Friends

  • The more attractive you make the quiz, the better it will be. Therefore, adding resources such as images or videos will make the contest more interactive and entertaining.
  • Make a maximum of 10 questions so that the test is not too tedious when using Kahoot in class.
  • Schedule a prudent response time. Everything will depend on the difficulty of the question to be answered, so a reasonable time must be established according to the questions.

How to Get a Kahoot Game PIN:

1. Look up the game you want to join on the Kahoot! website.
2. Click the green "Create game" button.
3. In the pop-up window, enter the game name and description.
4. Click "Create game."
5. A new tab will open with the game details.
6. Copy the game PIN and share it with your classmates or colleagues.
7. Join

+100 Kahoot Game Pins

  • 446448
  • 576250
  • 724329
  • 633520
  • 118802
  • 446448
  • 375563
  • 768908
  • 605400
  • 579000
  • 460109
  • 262106
  • 844401
  • 637408
  • 446305
  • 814250
  • 675334
  • 141004
  • 377022
  • 678512
  • 137424
  • 436194
  • 787065
  • 755570
  • 311697
  • 909661
  • 954043
  • 211364
  • 326013
  • 681676
  • 934293
  • 988171
  • 384482
  • 960646
  • 315706
  • 548293
  • 95011
  • 666914
  • 582196
  • 486356
  • 967386
  • 373137
  • 333638
  • 890474
  • 211268
  • 298279
  • 536595
  • 697013
  • 634016
  • 838908
  • 853042
  • 91429
  • 140370
  • 15045
  • 716388
  • 807194
  • 344365
  • 509911
  • 533157
  • 864866
  • 276790
  • 819569
  • 322970
  • 366080
  • 39625
  • 372152
  • 521275
  • 418046
  • 462963
  • 246780
  • 299178
  • 365822

Frequent questions

How does Kahoot work?

For its operation, the combination of two parts is necessary. In the first instance there is the aspect of test preparation, which in most cases is formulated and created by the teacher.

To do this, the teacher will have to create a Kahoot as explained at the beginning of this article. The second part consists of creating your first test, which will not take you more than 1 minute.

When it was created

The educational platform was created and designed by Professor Alf Inge Wang of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, whose purpose is to provide the entire student community with a comfortable, social and entertaining educational environment.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • The teacher can involve each of the students during the learning process in a fun way.
  • You receive constant feedback from students, which can be useful to develop other activities in the classroom.
  • Cooperate and exchange knowledge with students.
  • It is suitable for all people regardless of age.


  • Internet connection is required.
  • It requires devoting significant time to the development and implementation of the test on the platform.

Why use Kahoot?

We can give you multiple reasons to use the tool. For this, we can argue that it is a completely free educational resource that is very useful for both teachers and students and that helps them reinforce their knowledge, as well as review concepts in a fun way.

It can be used in different environments, such as educational centers, in the workplace and even at home. All you need is a computer or mobile device and access to the internet.

What is it for 

One of the great benefits of this platform is that we can mention two important aspects: 1) it was designed and structured for purely educational purposes to be used in an entertaining way.

And 2) it is a tool that serves as reinforcement through short questions, thus allowing the teacher to control more precisely when moving on to the next question.

How to Download the Kahoot App

You can access engaging educational games from any device whether you have Android or iOS operating system.

For Android devices you just have to access Google Play and directly download the application on your smart device. While for those who have iPhones you can enter the Apple Store .

How to Search for Topics on Kahoot

It is very easy to find it, you just have to go to the “Find Kahoot” section and you will have access to Kahoots already made and ready for you to use with your students in the classroom.

The topics you will have access to will be available in both Spanish and English. The great thing about this option is that it allows you to carry out a filter, such as segmenting it by language so that only Kahoots created in that specific language appear.

License Cost

The platform has made several alternatives available with the aim of making it accessible to all types of audiences. Everything will depend for what purpose the tool will be used. That is why they have different prices available, which are categorized by:

  • Individual plan from $17 to $59 dollars per month.
  • Team Plan from $14 to $39 dollars per month.
  • Enterprise Plan, it is necessary to contact the User Service Center to receive personalized assistance.
  • One-time events plan from $250 to $750 dollars per month.

Youtube Channel Kahoot

With a view to improving the experience of its subscribers, the platform has a YouTube channel available where you can have access to a wide variety of tutorials and guides directly related to the platform.

They also have free webinars available that could be very helpful to keep up to date with the latest updates and/or innovations that have been implemented in the educational environment.

The great thing about this channel is that the videos are properly categorized by topic to make it easier to find what you're looking for.

What are the types of questions according to the free and paid version Kahoot

Free version:

  • Add questions and you only have to choose between the alternatives "true or false".
  • Quiz allows you to include a question and add the possible answers.

Paid version:

  • Puzzle: consists of adding a question and correctly ordering the answers.
  • Short answer: when you add the question you must include the answer. You will be able to write several possible solutions.
  • Word cloud: once you include the question, the answer must contain less than twenty characters. Therefore, the answer will be in the form of a word cloud.
  • Survey type: you ask a question and it must contain several possible answers to choose from.

How many Kahoot can I have?

It is important to make it clear that there is a marked difference in the use of the platform depending on the type of account you have, that is, if it is for the teacher or the home.

For those who have a teacher account it supports up to 50 people, while for home it only allows access for 10 people. Of course, there are other differences between one account and another, but this is the most notable.

The student account only supports two types of questions, since it is a totally free account.

How long can a question last?

According to the suggestions made on the official website, a contest should last a maximum of 4 minutes, because it has been stipulated that in this period of time you will be able to achieve greater motivation and disposition towards the game.

In addition, they recommend that the total number of questions be in a range between 10 to 20 questionnaires with a duration of 20 minutes, which is the time established by default on the platform.

Therefore, taking the 4-minute time frame as a reference, the number of questions could vary depending on the time you spend on each one of them. Most of the users use 3 types of games.

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