New leaked video shows Project Spartan with Cortana integration ...

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Microsoft officially unveiled Project Spartan, its Internet Explorer replacement, in January at the Windows 10 press event. Since then, we've learned many new features with the new web browser.

Today, a new video released by WinBeta on Youtube, shows Project Spartan for the first time outside of Microsoft. The demo video highlights Cortana's browser integration running on an unknown version of Windows 10.

The features shown in the video are similar to what we saw at the January press event. However, you will notice that interacting with Cortana in the web browser is very different from the desktop experience. According to the video, most of the interaction will happen with the keyboard and mouse, rather than voice commands.

Windows 10 build 9926: discover the updated UI, Cortana, tablet mode, Action Center, Store beta, app (video)

For example, when you visit a restaurant's webpage, you will notice that Cortana jumps up and down in the address bar, suggesting that you see more information about that specific place. Clicking Cortana will open a floating menu with a rich dataset with addresses, hours, reviews, and more.

Cortana for Project Spartan in Windows 10 also allows users to ask anything. For example, highlighting a word, right-clicking on it and selecting "Ask Cortana" will open a drop-down menu with a definition of the word. If you highlight other content, Cortana will understand the content and respond accordingly.

Finally, the video shows the answers without having to leave the address bar. You can enter "weather" and local forecast information will appear immediately.

During the Mobile World Congress, Microsoft also demonstrated the browser on Windows 10 for phones and we also know that the software giant plans to preview Project Spartan later this month with the next version of Windows 10.

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