Solution to Minecraft "Error authenticating your connection".

Yes Minecraft It is one of the most popular games that exist, we cannot lose sight of the fact that some users often have problems launching their games. In particular, what these people comment is that the famous message of «Could not authenticate your connection"of Minecraft. Basically, we are talking about an error message that prevents players from connecting to the server.


The first thing we need to know is that this is an error that is almost always found on the server itself. It usually appears when Minecraft servers are experiencing problems, sometimes due to high demand. In other cases, the fault may have to do with your Internet connection, which may be unstable.

For this reason, the first thing to take into account in these circumstances is that you need a stable internet connection to play Minecraft. That said, there are a few workarounds that may get you past the error, and we'll go over them below so you can connect to the game.

Failed to authenticate connection to Minecraft 2
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Remove the "Could not authenticate your connection" message.

Turn the router off and on again

This is the simplest solution and therefore one that you may have tried on your own. At certain times, the router gets clogged by the same Internet cache, preventing us from connecting normally. But you can move on by following these steps:


  • Unplug the cable from the Internet router
  • Press and hold the power button on the back of the router
  • After that, plug the power cord back in and turn it on

Restart the Minecraft launcher

Sometimes it also happens that the game does not start as it should because some files are missing to load correctly. If you think this could be the source of the Minecraft "Could not authenticate your connection" message, then you need to do something like this:

  • Go to Task Manager
  • There on Processes, then on Minecraft, clicking on End Task
  • Close Task Manager
  • Restart the Minecraft launcher
Failed to authenticate connection to Minecraft 3

Use direct connect

Another way to enjoy Minecraft Multiplayer is through a direct connection, which allows us to skip the usual servers. Faced with this situation, you should do the following:

  • Go to the Minecraft Launcher server list
  • Click Direct Connect at the bottom of the screen
  • Write pasted. [Nombre del servidor] .net and press Connect

Please try signing in again

If none of the above has been helpful, there is always the option to close our session and try to log in again. From your User Settings, you should do this:

  • Click on your username
  • Click Exit
  • Enter your login details again

Were you able to get rid of the "Your connection could not be authenticated" message from Minecraft?

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