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Change the grid of your favorite cable TV for the new streaming of InternetIt could be a good way to save some bills. But yeah, that's sometimes a problem when you go to watch sports in the big parts of a season. Especially when it comes to American football. One tradition is to watch the special Thanksgiving game. You can watch this game if you have already left your parents' nest.

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You can watch this game through streaming services

When you have cable television, you will certainly have access to purely sports channels, including, you will be able to watch games on traditional television networks. The streaming service will offer you plenty of alternatives when it comes to celebrating the Thanksgiving game. But we must warn you that each service has its own characteristics and depends on the hardware you have at home.


YouTube's streaming TV service will let you watch as many channels as you want for just a fee of $40 a month. However, your trial is free for one month. You can use YouTube TV on almost any device. From the usual PCs through its web portal. Also, you can use this service on any platform with iOS and Android devices.

Similarly, you can use YouTube TV on Chromecast displays and devices like Android TV. Likewise, you can watch your gameplay on Apple TV and even platforms like XboxOne. For added convenience, you can use YouTube TV on Samsung and LG smart TVs. Only that they must be models from 2017 onwards. You can also do this through the Roku platform.

Try watching your games on Hulu with Live TV

This streaming platform also costs around $40 a month, however the free trial will only last for a week. You can now watch your favorite shows via Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360 and XboxOne. Also, Samsung and LG Smart TVs are devices through which you can watch your games. Likewise, you can see it on any iOS, Android and Apple TV operating system.


Plus, you can watch the Thanksgiving game via Roku, Chromecast displays, Android TV, and Fire TV. That is, you have many options through which you can watch your favorite games without any problems.

Watch your favorite games via PlayStation Vue

The cheapest plan for Sony's flagship device costs $45 a month. Plus, your free trial will only last 5 days. You can see the local channels where the Thanksgiving game is on. Likewise, you can watch this streaming platform through, of course, the PS4. Additionally, you can watch it via iOS devices, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku, Android devices, among others.


DirecTV Now platform

This platform also has a monthly fee of $40 per month, and you can try it out for seven days for free. You can enjoy this service on its website and Android. Plus, you can watch them on iOS, Apple TV, Roku, 2018 Samsung Smart TVs. Plus, you can watch them on Chromecast and Roku.


Check out Sling TV

This application will charge you $25 per month and you will also get a free trial for one week. You can see this application online, through its official website. Also, you can view it on mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems. Plus, you can watch it on TV devices like Apple TV and Android TV. Similarly, you can watch this app through Fire TV, Roku and Samsung Smart TV.


We have to clarify that to use this service you need to have an Over-The-Air antenna. This is to be able to see the channels you want to have locally. And this antenna is essential for watching your football games. Especially if you plan on watching the Thanksgiving game.

An easy alternative is to watch games through the NFL app.

The app is called "NFL Game Pass". The subscription is annual and you have to pay $99. Like many other apps, it has a weekly trial period. This app is available on XboxOne and PS4. Likewise, you can watch it via iOS and Android. You can watch it on devices like Apple TV and Android TV. Likewise, you can watch it via Roku.


We warn you that there are games that you can only view on your smartphone, nothing else. Plus, you won't even be able to watch them on big screens with the Chromecast. If you'll be watching the matches yourself, this isn't a big deal. Now, if you want to watch NFL games with your whole family or on big screens, that's going to be impossible.

Another option is Over-The-Air antennas

Aerial antennas, or Over-The-Air antennas, will allow you to view different local channel programming. You can also watch sports channels. Today's high-tech televisions have coaxial cables for cable TV antenna connections. Likewise, it is better to have an antenna than to watch internet broadcasts. Much more if you don't have smart devices available.


Now, with an Over-The-Air antenna you shouldn't expect your internet connection to be dropped. For this reason you will be able to watch all the games until the end. The cost of these antennas is 15 dollars and you have to change them around three years. Plus, these antennas include a free trial of the Sling TV platform, so you can have even more options for watching the Thanksgiving game.

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