The Dahmer Family: Where Are They Now?

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David Dahmer, Jeffrey Dahmer’s Brother

David Dahmer, the younger brother of infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, has largely disappeared from public life. Born in 1966, seven years after Jeffrey, David was a witness to some of his brother’s early disturbing behaviors. However, following their parents’ divorce in 1978, David and Jeffrey were separated. Joyce, their mother, was given custody of David and moved with him to Wisconsin.

In 1992, when Jeffrey Dahmer was convicted of murdering 15 boys and men between 1978 and 1991, David Dahmer’s response was to disappear. He changed his name, and his new identity remains unknown. According to Lionel Dahmer, Jeffrey and David’s father, David has a successful career and a family. Since the 2004 interview, there have been no updates on David Dahmer and no public record since his name change.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Family

Jeffrey Dahmer’s father, Lionel Dahmer, and his brother, David Dahmer, are reportedly still alive. Lionel Dahmer has been outspoken about his experiences raising Jeffrey and has written a memoir titled “A Father’s Story” detailing his attempts to understand his son’s horrific crimes.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s mother, Joyce Flint, passed away in 2000 from breast cancer. She had a close relationship with Jeffrey, even during his incarceration, and expressed in interviews that she would always love her son.

Lionel Dahmer, Jeffrey Dahmer’s Father

Lionel Dahmer, now 86, has largely stayed out of public life in recent years. However, he has made some public appearances and even authored a book about his experience as Dahmer’s father. Lionel tried to keep Jeffrey in prison after his 1989 conviction. He wrote a letter to Judge William Gardner asking for the judge to keep Jeffrey in prison, writing he believed his son needed additional mental health treatment5. Despite his efforts, Dahmer was released — two months earlier than expected.

Lionel Dahmer’s Book

Lionel Dahmer did earn some money from his book “A Father’s Story” and the TV movie adaptation. However, there is no evidence or record of him amassing significant wealth or inheriting a large sum of money. Lionel Dahmer used most of the proceeds of the book to cover legal fees. He was sued by two victims’ families for using their names in the book without obtaining prior consent11. He had also been previously sued by the family of victim Steven Hicks in 1992.

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