Use Brigadier to download Boot Camp drivers without Boot Camp Assistant

Downloading Boot Camp Support Software or Boot Camp Drivers for Windows 10 to a Mac is easy. You can use the built-in Boot Camp Assistant software to get the latest version of Boot Camp drivers.

What if you need to download Boot Camp drivers for Windows 10 without the help of Boot Camp Assistant software? For example, you may want to install Boot Camp drivers on a Mac computer where Windows 10 is the only operating system. As you probably know, Boot Camp Support Software is no longer available for direct download from Apple's website.

Brigadier is a free utility developed to allow you to download Boot Camp drivers or support software without opening the Boot Camp Assistant. In short, with the Brigadier tool, you can download Boot Camp drivers on Windows 10 running on Mac.

The great thing about Brigadier is that it downloads all drivers directly from Apple's servers. Then get the original Boot Camp drivers directly from Apple.

The Boot Camp Driver Pack for Windows 10 includes drivers for the camera, graphics, keyboard, trackpad, card reader, wireless mouse, and wireless trackpad.

According to the developer, Brigadier downloads and decompresses the ESD that applies to the model of Mac you run this tool on. The tool uses 7-Zip software to extract the ESD. If 7-Zip is not found, it will download and remove it automatically after extracting the ESD.

The free tool also offers some command line options. See the download link for available command link options.

Get Boot Camp Support Drivers without Boot Camp Assistant

Here's how to use the Brigadier utility to download Boot Camp drivers for Windows 10.

NOTE: The program doesn't seem to work if you run it on a PC. You need to run it on Windows 10 on a Mac computer to download the necessary Boot Camp drivers.

Step 1: Visit the Official page of the brigadier and download the latest version of the executable.

Step 2: Run Brig. A command prompt window will appear while the tool is running. The Command Prompt window, as you can see in the image, shows all the information about downloading the Boot Camp Support Software, including the download progress.

The tool runs in the background, downloads the necessary Boot Camp drivers and identifies them in the same location as the Brigadier executable.

The best part is that this tool will automatically detect your Mac model and download the correct Boot Camp drivers for Windows 10 running on your Mac, as well as the Boot Camp Assistant software.

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