What can I do with my first computer?

most users acquire computers to perform only certain tasks such as office automation or Internet browsing, ignoring that what they bought has so much more to offer. Some even acquire powerful equipment that far exceeds the needs for which they were purchased, a pleasant surprise when we dedicate ourselves to some particular task and the PC responds easily and quickly.

However, most of the time the extra power offered by a computer is hidden, wasting all that potential on tasks that even a tablet could do. In short, the culprit is the user, who did not take the time to fully understand the benefits of the equipment. That is why in this article we will know some guidelines for learn how to get the most out of a computer.

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Computer books "for mannequins"

There are several ways to know how to get the most benefit from our computer, being the first and easiest to consult the manuals and brochures that were kept in the packaging of the equipment at the time of purchase.

In these manuals and brochures we will find all kinds of information on hardware and software, in case you have installed programs, on our computer, and constitute one of the quickest ways to have all the information useful for its correct functioning, as well as offering us a guide on what we can do with its features and options.

Get more from your PC

The operating manual

Likewise, in the operation manual we will surely find a section called "Troubleshooting", through which we can find a solution to a given problem, and that It will be very useful in case we have a fault that we cannot solve with the usual tools.

Get more from your PC

Another way to get the most out of a computer is to buy books like "Beginner PC" or with similar titles, in which we will find an impressive amount of information and detailed instruction guides without revealing our ignorance of technology. The same thing happens with journals, however, the latter focus on presenting the latest technology trends rather than teaching the basics of computing.

Web sites

Now, to our knowledge, one of the most practical ways to learn the basics of computer science and get complete guides and tutorials for all our doubts, They are the specialized sites on the Internet, where in a clear and simple way, as well as free, we will find everything we need to clarify all our doubts. In this sense, one of the best Spanish language pages we can find we can find find at this link.

Get more from your PC

learn the old way

Despite all the advantages that technology offers us when learning, there are many people who prefer to do it the old way, that is, through an institution that offers courses and careers.

However, these have a disadvantage over the other methods: They don't respect our progress or usually don't go deeper when we don't understand something, that is, they are not very flexible, quite the opposite of how we can learn on the web.

Another very convenient way to learning a lot about computer science is squeezing and exploiting the knowledge of others, It can come from an expert with 30 years of experience as well as from a teenager just starting out. Both of them will surely have something to explain to us.

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