What is Raspberry Pi?

At first glance, this device does not show that it can do more than tasks for electronics enthusiasts and hobbyists in general, however it can do this and more, from loading a complete Linux operating system to controlling robotics, home automation and much more.

Despite its small size, on its main face it mounts a powerful processor and everything needed to make it work like a normal computerfrom USB inputs for mouse and keyboards, to video outputs, which allow us to use it as a server, entertainment center and other projects, And best of all, you don't have to be an expert to do it. If you want to know more about raspberry piWe invite you to continue reading the article.

Raspberry Pi is a project developed in 2006 in England by a group of engineers with the specific aim of promoting the teaching of computer science in British schools. Basically, Raspberry Pi is a small computer based on a printed circuit board and equipped with an ARM processor. Integrated HDMI video system, Ethernet connection and USB inputs to connect peripherals and displays.

It also has an SD card connector through which you can give the Raspberry Pi the ability to read and run a Linux type operating system, however, it is possible that an operating system from the Windows family will also be installed on the device in the near future. This memory card is also used to store data.

What is Raspberry Pi

This means we can run a Raspberry Pi the same way we would run a regular desktop computer, however, the price of a Raspberry Pi is only a fraction of that of a new PC. This is in some markets, where raspberry sells for around $ 40, however, in some countries this difference widens as the same device sells for more than twice as much. Over time, the project has achieved enormous scale and popularity among enthusiasts, which has led it to sell millions of these cards around the world.

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Your size: the most important thing

But undoubtedly the best feature of Raspberry is given by its very small size, which benefits it carry out projects where we need good processing power but small in size, Y consuming much less power than a normal PC.

What is Raspberry Pi

In this type of projects, be they robotics, home automation, media center or file server, where the dimensions, the electrical cost and noise produced by a standard PC are limitations, Raspberry Pi is the ideal answer to all these problems.

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