What is the difference between SMTP, POP3 and IMAP?

Email is one of the best communication tools out there today. Probably, if the email did not exist, it would be practically impossible to carry out all the activities that are carried out daily, Furthermore, if we do not have this mode available, Most likely, the e-mail path has not yet been developed to its current level.

Basically, for email to work as expected, certain mechanisms are required, without which it would be impossible to send or receive email. Among these, the protocols SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) or Simple mail transfer protocolthe POP3 (post office protocol) or Postal Protocol and the IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol)) or Internet message access protocol.

These three protocols are responsible for every e-mail message that reaches its destination without any problem. In this sense, SMTP is the protocol responsible for sending and receiving, or to carry out the transfer of all e-mail messages.

Both the IMAP protocol and the POP3 protocol, the latest version of POP, are in charge of archiving all mail until it is read, after being received via the SMTP protocol.

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SMTP: the mail truck

Nowadays, most mail is distributed via the SMTP protocol, which was developed in the early 1980s; Despite his advanced age, he is still trusted.

Differences between smtp pop3 imap

However, this protocol notes some shortcomings, one of the most important is the inability to verify whether the sender of an email is legitimate or not. This problem comes from his age, as there was no spoofing or spam at the time of SMTP's creation.

Although continuous improvements are being made to improve it, the truth is that something concrete and for sure has not yet been achieved.

POP3 and IMAP: the mailbox

Designed in the mid-1980s, the POP protocol, more precisely its third version, is the current standard for archiving and managing all email. POP3 allows users to access a mail server from wherever they are, from where they can read messages or store them offline on their computer, to be able to consult them even when you are not connected to the Internet.

Differences between smtp pop3 imap

Compared to the IMAP protocol, this is much more advanced than POP3, since it allows, among other advantages, to manage more than one mailbox. The main difference between both protocols is that in the case of IMAP all actions relating to messages, i.e. reading, moving or deleting them, are performed directly on the server, while with the POP protocol the same actions are performed locally, i.e. on the computer, as by default this standard will download all messages to our PC as soon as it is connected.

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