Windows 10 Photos: Remove Face Detection and Recognition

Our galleries have gotten huge ever since photos became so cheap and easy to archive. With galleries this large, it's a complete task to manage and keep them tidy. To help users, Windows 10's photo management apps just got smarter.

Photo apps, whether they are standard apps on your mobile or desktop device, or third-party apps, offer a wide variety of ways to organize photos. You can sort them by date, place or occasion. Another popular method of managing images is to organize them based on the people in the photos.

Face detection technology is used to identify people in portraits. Apple, Facebook and Microsoft use it. The Stock Photos app in Windows 10 can find all photos of a particular person. However, if you think this is too invasive. Face detection and recognition can be turned off.

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Turn off face detection and recognition in Windows 10

The Photos app doesn't allow you to associate a name with a face at this time. If you want to search for photos of a particular person, you need to find them in the "People" tab and the app will find all the photos they are in.

You can't type your name in the search bar and find images. This is a little less intrusive than the way Facebook and Apple do things. However, you may want to disable face detection and recognition.

Open the "Photos" app and click the "+" button at the top right next to your profile picture. Select Settings from the menu that opens.


Windows 10 appears to be the only platform that allows users to enable and disable face detection at their discretion. Apple and Facebook have enforced this feature. Every photo you save to your Mac or iPhone, or upload to Facebook, is scanned for faces.

Facebook plans to use this data for the safety of users. If someone uses your photo as their cover image, Facebook will automatically notify you. This is obviously one of the nice uses of the feature.

Of course, considering the amount of data Facebook has about a single person, it's still a little disconcerting that you can't unsubscribe. There is also the fact that, if allowed, you can disable this feature, but your friends may not influence your decision not to use the useless feature.

As you have seen, the procedure to disable face detection in Windows 10 is very simple. With a couple of steps, everything will be resolved in a few minutes. You have nothing to worry about.

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